about csa

Founded in 2000 by Nadia and Andrey Nasonovskiy, CSA came to prominence on the international arena by producing all four Olympic and Paralympic Games Ceremonies, for the first time in history in Sochi 2014.

The agency is a leader on the global event production market, also developing unique art installations, complex touring exhibitions and dramatic stages, as well as urban and architectural projects.


Our core team is a talented and dedicated workforce is based in the UK, Cyprus, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia. For more than 20 years, the practice has developed a wealth of experience and expertise, which enables us to complete a broad range of challenging projects to very exacting schedules.

what we do

We provide "turnkey" solutions: starting with the creative concept and up to implementation for an event of any complexity.

We work in open co-operation with video content artists, designers, architects and engineers. This means that a bespoke design team can be assembled rapidly and created specifically for each project.


Since our conception, one of the core aims of the practice has been to achieve sustainability in what we are doing. We strive to design the most efficient structural solutions using the least resources. We continually research materials, systems and construction methods in order to reduce energy consumption and regulate harmful emissions. We embrace all new technologies and carefully integrate them where appropriate, to achieve a more environmentally responsible proposal.


The Agency holds many titles and achievements from various international award bodies in the global event management including Primetime Emmy Awards as well as number of awards of the International Festival of Events and Live Communication.